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Welcome to DWR eco — your consulting agency for Market strategies, PR, Communication and Politics. We are your strategic mission control centre for entrepreneurial growth, green technologies and clean investments in the following areas: Cleantech, Climatetech and Greentech.

Our planetary mission is to rediscover our home, planet Earth — and more importantly — to preserve it for the long term. Here we have good air, fresh water and really beautiful forests. And a strong green economy can help secure and maintain these ideal living conditions within terrestrial planetary boundaries. Because let's face it: Mars is far too cold, Venus far too hot. There, rocks and toxic gases dominate the landscape. And everything is far too far away anyway.

With an unwavering pioneering spirit and in-depth expertise, we are your operational team in Politics, Market and the public, when it comes to finding and establishing your solutions for Climate protection, Energy transition, cleaner Mobility, greener Industry and Circular economy. .

DWR eco is recognised as a pioneer in the cleantech sector and offers first-class consulting for successful Market strategies, socially oriented Advocacy and effective Communication. To this end, we are constantly cultivating and expanding widely ramified networks, because only the authentic cooperation of many players and decision-makers can create a future worth living on our planet.

Let's explore fossil-free new territory together and live the pioneering spirit of "frontier" Earth to push the boundaries of what is possible.

New white paper:

HEAT: Technologies for a climate-resilient Future

As we are already feeling the effects today, for example, in the form of more extreme weather events, it is obvious that there is a great need for climate change adaptation, which will definitely become even greater as time passes. The demand for adaptation technologies is not only secured in the long term, but will continue to increase due to climate dynamics, which will also bring a corresponding business opportunity, as adaptation to climate change will be a project for the coming decades. However, with a funding gap of around EUR 1 trillion p.a., the climate adaptation sector is massively underfunded.

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Market strategy

Strategic consulting for precise decisions on environmentally friendly market development, green markets, environmentally friendly investment opportunities and climate-friendly business concepts.

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Policy advice

Further development of political framework conditions and regulations for pioneering technologies. Minimising risk and increasing growth and investment opportunities.

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PR & Communication

Strengthen brands and effectively expand their public presence. Communicate messages optimally across various media channels in order to reach target groups in a targeted manner.

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Dive with us into the depths of solutions towards the Green Economy: discover ways to green transformation - with white papers, analyses, studies, podcasts and recommendations for action from us or our partners.

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