Discover the opportunities of green markets with us.

We prepare detailed, global market analyses and country profiles to thoroughly evaluate potential entry markets. In doing so, we take into account current data on critical market parameters, regulatory and market trends as well as the industry-specific player and competitive environment. From our analyses, assessments, forecasts, we derive opportunity and risk profiles and a reliable basis for your decision-making processes. In addition, we expand your understanding of the market through a comprehensive analysis of market potentials, segmentations, technology trends, regulatory framework conditions as well as customer needs and preferences, in order to guarantee you the ideal product-market fit.

The environment: Definitely a good investment.

The major decarbonisation levers on earth lie in the energy industry, the real estate sector, industry, agriculture, mobility and the circular economy. We specifically screen the markets and value chains of these sectors and identify future-proof business models for a clean future. Our services include identifying, approaching and tracking potential clients and strategic partnerships along the entire value chain. We support due diligence on new entry markets and potential M&A transactions. At the same time, we actively assist VC and investor portfolio companies in navigating and managing regulatory risks, understanding market dynamics and positioning themselves optimally through effective communication and business field development.

Policy advice

Further development of political framework conditions and regulations for pioneering technologies. Minimising risk and increasing growth and investment opportunities.

More on policy advice
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