DWR eco is one of the leading global agencies for strategic communications, political positioning and the development of new business areas in the cleantech sector. With headquarters in Germany’s young and dynamic capital Berlin, we have a strategic network of advisors, consultants and representatives, with the ability to deliver targeted services quickly, efficiently and accurately. For the mobility and building sector, the energy and resource management industry, the sharing economy and for start-ups, we have a broad and synergetic range of services: public relations, public affairs and business development.

As cleantech specialists, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector. Our interdisciplinary team comprises business and market analysts, engineers, lawyers and political scientists, and communications, social media and online marketing experts. Our team in Berlin and Brussels is complemented by representation in Washington DC and Sydney, allowing us to be close to the political scene, and to trade and mainstream publications and outlets – while remaining plugged into the latest trends.

Services and Expertise

Public Affairs

We talk to stakeholders about the things that matter to them – whether in national or regional capitals, Brussels or small municipalities. We connect you with policymakers and help you effectively represent your interests.

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Public Relations

Effective public relations communicates clearly and with unambiguous messages. We help you achieve your communications goals and reach your target groups with orchestrated PR and media strategies.

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Our in-depth knowledge of the changing investment and market conditions, including the relevant actors in the field of clean technologies and renewable energy, makes us a reliable partner for your successful market entry, penetration or pivot.

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Online Marketing

Online communication should be strategically planned and tailored to your company goals. Having in-depth knowledge of cleantech, we develop the right messages for your target group and help you to shape and project a professional online appearance.

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The Renewable Energy Network Berlin Brandenburg connects the rapidly growing clean tech start-up scene in and around the German capital with established players from business, science, and politics. With task forces on start-ups, industry internationalization, and business opportunities in the energy transition the network, managed by DWR eco CEO David Wortmann, helps clean tech companies adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

The Energy Watch Group (EWG) is an international network of scientists and policymakers that commissions and publishes independent studies and analyses of the global development of energy resources, thereby making objective information available to energy policymakers. DWR eco helps improve the international visibility of the EWG and its studies.

Kreislaufwirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg (“Circular Economy Berlin Brandenburg”) connects influential actors of the regional circular economy in Berlin and Brandenburg. The initiative promotes exchange of information and experiences as well as local enterprises. Another goal is to support the region to become a creative and economically strong market of the circular economy. David Wortmann, director of DWR eco, initiated the network and took on coordination.

The Eco Innovation Alliance is the political mouthpiece of young and innovative companies of the Green Economy. Its goal is to promote cooperation between start-ups, innovation enterprises and politics. Initiated by DWR eco, the Alliance wants to contribute to Germany’s green industry, bringing the country back into the first league of green innovations and fair competition.

PVthin is an international nonprofit organization representing worldwide leaders in the thin film solar industry. However, thin-film photovoltaics is a cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional silicon solar modules, in politics and in the economy it is not very well known yet. DWR eco helps PVthin provide transparent information and explain the advantages of thin-film technology.

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