Deep knowledge for high influence: 
Up-to-date at Good-to-know.

We follow, interpret and localise political, social, technical and scientific discussions with the utmost attention. We also retain Legislative and regulatory processes closely in view. Political Debates in the media and the Positions of important interest groups flow into our well-founded analyses, which we use for Policy briefings We use detailed maps of influencing factors to keep our partners up to date with the latest knowledge. This leads to better decisions in terms of timing, message, strategy and tactics of the own positioning. In addition, we conduct studies, surveys and opinion polls in order to sound findings to win.  

Advocacy for groundbreaking.

Our experts develop and implement Lobby strategies that are orientated towards the goals of society and leverage the full potential of entrepreneurial solutions. We draft Statements and Position papersto clearly communicate pioneering viewpoints, ideas and practical experience. The maintenance of Deep relationships with associations, interest groups, civil society, academia and political decision-makers is an important part of our work. We get involved in the Public opinion-forming and our expertise as well as the practical Experience of our partners in Associations, Science, NGOs and Media one. The strategic Building alliances plays an important role here. To this end, we not only provide bilateral Contacts but also organise political events, Workshops and are themselves an active part of topic-relevant Events other stakeholders.

PR & Communication 

Strengthen brands and effectively expand their public presence. Communicate messages optimally across different media channels to reach target groups in a targeted way.

More about PR & Communication
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