Although our economy and our consumer behaviour are still often the cause of many problems today, we believe that New and changed business models and technologies can make a significant contribution to stabilising our system and, to be completely honest, absolutely must. This is why DWR eco advocates solutions for avoiding emissions, using renewable resources and realising a circular economy. We support The company, Investors, Politics and Civil society to develop effective solutions and disseminate them as quickly as possible so that the urgently needed transformation towards a climate-compatible and resource-efficient way of life can succeed as quickly as possible.

Within the scope of this green transformation we accompany New solution providers (start-ups) and established companies (medium-sized companies and groups) or Investors The same applies to companies that have either already fully aligned their business models with the stabilisation of our ecosystem or are on a direct and credible path to doing so. We are not available for greenwashing.

The aim of our work is to Stabilisation of the global ecosystem in the field of tension between economic, political and technological possibilities - always taking into account the the latest scientific findings. There are many ways to achieve this and they are often characterised by a high level of technological and regulatory complexity. This makes it all the more important to create an environment in which innovations and future-proof business models can flourish in the free ideas competition and assert themselves in the market.

Presence and messages for renewable energies, energy storage, energy management and climate change concepts.

Consulting and communication services for producers of green hydrogen along the value chain.

Promote initiatives to increase efficiency in buildings, use heat pumps, geothermal energy and develop sustainable heat networks.

Support the hard-to-abate sector in the transformation to green technologies and implementation of CO2 reduction strategies.

Support in the communication and promotion of circular economies such as recycling, reuse, sustainable plastic use and bio-economic approaches.

Solution approaches and increased visibility for electromobility, micromobility, e-fuels, innovative drive systems and sustainable transport development.

Because it is long past 5 past 12, we are more committed than Nine-to-five.

In addition to our central role as a strategic partner for visionary cleantech pioneers, DWR eco and its founders are also independently committed to improving living conditions on earth. Over time, this initiative has resulted in Strong mergers and alliances have emerged that have produced pioneering initiatives and are actively driving the transformation of our economy and society. Today, we support a large number of alliances that are committed to future generations - from the regional to the global level. We want everyone to live on a beautiful, healthy planet for a long time - just as we have been able to do for a long time.

Leaders for Climate Action (LfCA)

We co-created Leaders for Climate Action 2019 to bring together the leading digital entrepreneurs and VCs for cross-sector climate action. In this way, we are actively helping to systematically develop climate-conscious leaders in the digital and VC industries and make their companies climate neutral.

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Global Eco Transition gGmbH (GET)

Global Eco Transition gGmbH creates an environment for actors who promote forms of life and society that preserve the natural planetary boundaries. Here we network relevant stakeholders through various projects, develop ideas and concrete implementation proposals, prepare the current state of knowledge and communicate with the public and decision-makers.

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Enterpreneuers for Future (EFF)

We co-initiated E4F in response to the Fridays For Future movement to demonstrate that companies working on the development of new technologies, products, services or business models are already working as professionals towards a carbon-free society, supporting the demands of Scientist for Future and Fridays for Future.

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Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network

The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network (BEN) was built up through the involvement of DWR eco founder David Wortmann and actively managed as executive director for about 10 years. Today, David is a member of the board. The goal was to connect the rapidly growing cleantech start-up scene in the German capital region with established players from business, science, finance and politics.

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Energy Watch Group

Over nearly a decade, we have helped develop and successfully established the Energy Watch Group as an autonomous global network of scientists and parliamentarians. It demonstrates in a scientific and analytical way that a full supply of 100 % renewable energy is possible. David Wortmann is a member of the advisory board.

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Investments, co-founding and mentoring

We are deeply rooted in the cleantech and climatetech startup scene and believe in the power of entrepreneurial disruption and scaling. So we engage as mentors, business angels, co-founders, advisors and sparring partners for a wide range of VCs and accelerators. That's why we've made investments in major funds like Planet A and Proptech1, as well as direct investments in companies like FlashFix, Ecoworks and Volytica. We also actively co-found companies such as EcoWert360 or ClimateTechTalents.


Municipalities, neighbourhoods and companies could already supply themselves completely from renewable energies and enable emission-free mobility today. But they often don't know how. This is why we co-founded EcoWert360 - a company with expert engineers and consultants who develop customised concepts for a long-term and climate-neutral energy supply in both the electricity and heating sectors. The special cross-sectoral approach makes it possible to close material cycles and save resources.

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We co-founded ClimateTechTalents because the transformation towards a green economy needs one thing above all: People who tackle, lead and implement. Not only are there more and more companies that need dedicated support from new employees; no, many people no longer want to work for companies that contribute to the degradation of our natural livelihoods. Young professionals or seasoned industry veterans are looking for a meaningful use of their time and talents. Providing these is the task of ClimateTechTalents.

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Eco Innovation Alliance (EIA)

The Eco Innovation Alliance is DWR eco's free of charge Family & Friends network. Here we inform about our progress, significant successes of our partners and clients as well as relevant stakeholders on their way to a climate neutral society. We share important news on opportunities and challenges of sustainability transformation.

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Our roots.

DWR eco was founded in 2012 by David Wortmann and Doreen Rietentiet. David grew up on the edge of the Ruhr area in the middle of nature and felt a deep emotional connection to the preservation of our nature from an early age. During his studies in Germany, the UK and Spain, he saw himself primarily as an entrepreneur - not as an end in itself, but in order to use the great potential of creativity, pioneering spirit and disruptions in the economy for the preservation of our natural foundations of life.

He began his career as a research assistant in the German Bundestag in the team of energy transition pioneers Hans-Josef Fell and Hermann Scheer. Later, he switched to business and helped the solar industry to become competitive and held the position as Head of Climate, Energy and Environmental Technologies of the Federal Government's Economic and Investment Promotion. Besides founding DWR eco, he has co-founded several other companies in the cleantech and climatetech sector, is a networker, business angel, mentor, speaker and podcaster.

Together with an international team of experts including policy insiders, journalists, marketers, creative designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers as well as PR professionals, the DWR eco team is highly intrinsically motivated to make a real difference in the fight against the climate and environmental crisis through our partners' solutions.

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