Turn identity into identification.

Our fields of activity in internal communication range from corporate identity and employer brand to employee retention and change communication. We support you in developing a clear corporate identity and an identification philosophy. Here, for example, we work closely with our partner company, the personnel consultancy ClimateTechTalents (CTT).

External impact becomes precision landing.

As far as external communication measures are concerned, we rely on a variety of channels. Excellent journalist and influencer relationships are important to us. We increase the relevance of our clients' content through genuine media interest rather than paid media content. Our team ensures that your messages are relevant, land in the right channels and reach their target groups on point as well as budget efficiently.

Internet Disciplinary.

Our online marketing activities include website and landing page design, email marketing, social media, digital ads, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). We use the latest technologies and tools to optimise your online presence.

Marketing down to the grassroots.

Within our offline marketing services, we take on the holistic development of brand identities. This includes the creation of podcasts, videos, graphics and films, the organisation of media buys, advertising and merchandising, the creation of unique designs, advocacy and grassroots campaigns.

Market strategy

Strategic advice for precise decisions on environmentally friendly market development, green investment opportunities and climate-friendly business concepts.
More on market strategy
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